2022 ULBI LSC Competition x SCM Globe

International University of Logistics and Business (ULBI) as the First Logistics College in Indonesia in collaboration with SCM Globe held the first competition in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) at the international level in Indonesia. LSC Competition as a forum for students to grow and provide added value for the development of LSC in Indonesia. The two main events of the LSC Competition are Ceremony and Competition. LSC Competition participants will use the SCM Globe software as a simulation tool for analysis supply chain system.


SCM Globe collaborated with Dr. Rachmawati Wangsaputra and her colleges at ULBI to organize the first International Logistics and Supply Chain Competition in Indonesia. During the months of May and June 2021 more than 150 students signed up and participated in teams from 42 colleges and universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Participating students were enrolled in logistics, engineering, and business programs. Also now, there will 25 teams ready to compete for this year event.

Students and instructors at ULBI produced the competition and broadcast it live. Instructors created a supply chain case study and simulations set in Indonesia. This case study had three challenges that became progressively more advanced.


ULBI students were the on-air hosts and announcers for the contest events. 

And proudly this year is the second competition of LSC. The 2022 ULBI international LSC Competition were declared open on 14 Oct. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Cahyat Rohyana as the head of the Yayasan Pendidikan Bakti Pos, Dr. Melia Eka Lestiyani as the vice-rector of ULBI, Rizqi Permana Sari, M.T as the head of the organizer also the participants and their lecturers. Unfortunately, Mr. Michael as the co-founder of SCM Globe couldn’t join the opening ceremony.


25 teams from several university has join this competition. They will compete from 21 oct to 27 Oct using SCM Globe to solve the case of logistics and scm provided by the LSC competition organizer. Participating students were enrolled in logistics, engineering, and business programs.


Peek our training session of SCM Globe at @lsccompetition Instagram on 21 october or youtube lsccompetition. See you~

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